What is Hydrometeorology?

Hydrometeorology is the science that studies the cycle of water. It is intimately related to the meteorology, hydrology and climatology sciences. The hydrometeorology studies the processes of the hydrological cycle that occur in the atmosphere (evaporation, condensation and precipitation) and in the ground (rainfall interception, infiltration and surface runoff) and their interactions. he hydrometeorology science studies the behaviour of hydrologic elements, such as rivers, ponds and dams.

This science aims to understand the hydrometeorologic phenomena. It is also its realm, to develop tools for water management and for the observation and prediction of hydrometeorologic phenomena and to develop models to help in the early detection and warning of floods.


Diagram of a hilslope
P: precipitation inf: infiltration Qb: subsurface flow Qei: surface runoff due to exceeded infiltration rate Qes: surface runoff due to ground saturation