CRAHI participates in collaborative projects and initiatives by sharing expertise and skills, thus achieving the best results in Innovation, Research and Development.

  • European projects: Horizon Europe, UCPM, H2020, FP7, ECHO.
  • National projects – State Scientific and Technical Research and Innovation Plan
  • Autonomous Projects – Catalan Research and Innovation Plan (PRI)

Tailor-made models and tools

Guidance to interested parties in the identification of measures and strategies for disaster risk reduction and climate adaptation through the development of new products and services. CRAHI encourages the transfer of knowledge and technology.
  • EHIMI – Integrated Hydrometeorological Tool

  • VISRAD – Radar Image Viewer

  • MAFRAD – Radar (Operational functionality) Analysis Module

  • MOVHI – Hydrological Visualization Module

All our software has been developed with the programming language IDL (Interactive Data Language) of the company Visual Information Solutions and PYTHON.

Training and supervision

Training for companies, supervision and coordination of master’s and doctoral theses.

  • Training for companies Training on the operation of the tools created by CRAHI.

  • MSc. theses – Supervisor of Master theses.

  • PhD theses – Supervisor of doctoral theses.



License of the codes created by CRAHI.

  • Fluvial Alerts – River flood warnings
  • Rain alerts
  • Site Specific Warnings – Alerts on vulnerable sites


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