Hydrometeorological forecast

Development of rainfall forecasting products ( intensity, accumulation, radar-based nowcasting).

  • Transformation of reflectivity into water (radar): Transform radar data into rainfall

  • Radar-based rainfall nowcasting– High-resolution short-term forecasts (up to 3 hours)

  • Real-time radar correction–Radar correction based on rain gauges.

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Use of forecasts and algorithms to generate warnings in real time: Development of algorithms to transform rainfall forecasts into regional and local warnings

  • Fluvial warnings– River flood warnings

  • Rainfall warnings – Based on intensity and accumulation

  • Site-Specific warnings –High-resolution warnings for pre-identified vulnerable locations or areas

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Development of technological displays

Development of displays for viewing forecasts and active warnings

  • Display platforms for weather forecasts and warnings –Enable companies and end-users to visualize forecasts in real-time

  • Mobile apps– Support communities to reduce impacts on upcoming events through Mobile applications

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