UE projects


ERAD 2004 (Visby - Gotland)


Working on the double normalization of the "DSD", at the EGS, Nice Abril 2002

  1. EVK2-2001-00273
    Validation of multisensors precipitation fields and numerical modeling in Mediterranean test sites (VOLTAIRE). Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development, (2002-2005). (2001-2003).

  2. EGPM
    EGPM, European Global Precipitation Measurement Mision (EEOM Projecte en Fase A, ESA) (2002). (2001-2003). (2001-2003).

  3. EVK2-1999-00228
    Concerted action on mitigation of climate induced natural hazards (MITCH). (2000-2003). (2001-2003).

  4. ENV4-CT96-0290
    The development of active on-line hydrological and meteorological models to minimise the impact of flooding (HYDROMET) (1996-2000). (2001-2003). (2001-2003).

  5. ENV5V-CT92-0182
    Storms, floods and radar hydrology (1993-1995). (2001-2003).