Tools developed



Integrated Hydrometeorological tool. EHIMI

The CRAHI jointly with companies of the hydrometeorologic sector has developed a series of software applications for meteorological forecasting and management.

  1. "Eina Hidrometeorològica Integrada" (EHIMI) (Integrated Hydrometeorological Tool).

  2. "Visió d'Imatges Radar" (VISRAD) (Visualization of radar images).

  3. "Mòdul d'Analisi del Funcionament del Radar" (MAFRAD) (Module to analyze the functioning of the radar).


  5. Mòdul de Visualització Hidrològica (MOVHI) (Module of hydrologic visualization).

All our software has been developed with the programming language IDL (Interactive Data Language) by Visual Information Solutions