The group's main objectives are:

estudi Disseny hidrològic del riu Guadiamar. Estudi encarregat per la Junta d'Andalucía.

estudi Model de previsió de cabals del SAHBE. Encarregat per CLABSA.

  1. To develop algorithms and integrated hydrological and meteorological models for the forecasting of hydrological resources.

  2. To develop hydrometeorological decision support systems adaptated to the water cycle management in the Mediterranean region.

  3. To provide analytical, numerical and experimental support to the companies in the water sector. Its aim is to develop and design innovative solutions to new problems related to water, i. e. quantification of water resources, flood risk assessment and prevention, weather forecasting, development of decision-making support systems, quantification of weather impact, etc.).

  4. To train researchers in the design of operational solutions in the field of hydrometeorology.

  5. To become a motor for the development of a culture of innovation among the companies in the hydrologic and meteorological sectors and to become a key reference for technology transfer.