Prof. Isztar Zawadzki

Citizenship:  Canadian
Languages:  English, French, Spanish, Polish

Licenciado en Ciencias Físicas, University of Buenos Aires, 1963
M.Sc. in Meteorology, McGill University, 1968
Ph.D. in Meteorology, McGill University, 1972

- Full Professor, Department of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, McGill University.
- Director of the J. Stewart Marshall Observatory, McGill University

- Director of graduate studies program in Atmospheric Sciences at UQAM, 1971-1982
- Chairman of the department of Physics at UQAM, 1988-1992
- Director of the Cooperative Center for Research in Mesometeorology (McGill-UQAM-AES)
- Director of the J. Stewart Marshall Observatory, McGill University
- Lead Scientist for the Canadian Weather Research Program, Environment Canada

1991 The Patterson Distinguished Service Medal (for outstanding contribution to meteorology in Canada from the Atmospheric Environment Service)
1998 President’s Prize of the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographical Society
2001 Fellow of the Canadian Meteorological and Oceanographical Society
2004 Fellow of the American Meteorological Society
2007 Remote Sensing Prize of the AMS
2007 Member of the Academy of Sciences of Canada

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S. Vasić, Charles A. Lin, Ch. A., Zawadzki, I., Bousquet, O. and Chaumont, D., 2007: Evaluation of Precipitation from Numerical Weather Prediction Models using Values Retrieved from Radars and Satellites.  Monthly Weather Review, 135, 3750-3766.
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Bousquet, O., Charles A. Lin, Ch. A. and I. Zawadzki, 2006: Analysis of scale dependence of quantitative precipitation forecast verification: A case-study over the Mackenzie river basin, Q. J. Roy. Met. Soc.. 132, 2107-2125
Lee, G. W., and I. Zawadzki, 2006: Radar calibration by gage, disdrometer, and polarimetry: theoretical limit caused by the variability of drop size distribution and application to fast scanning operational radar data. Journal of Hydrology, 328, 83-97.