Task A


Radar-based precipitation nowcasting at European scale:

Enhancing the precipitation nowcasting tools


Objective: The goal of this task is to enhance the tools for precipitation nowcasting at European scale developedin the previous EU Civil Protection Prevention project HAREN to overcome the limiting factors of the first version that have been shown during the verification tests of HAREN. Beyond the improvement of the present tools included in the first prototype to build a more efficient and robust platform (including faster data access and refreshing, improved user interface, and redesigned architecture to support an extended demonstration), two specific actions will be devoted (1) to enhance the ability of the current algorithms to nowcast the short-lived convective storms, and (2) to incorporate the real-time information received through the emergency reports at Civil Protection Emergency, as an indirect approach to improve hazard identification skills of the platform. This will allow the project to enrich the present prototype with new information, even exploring the use of eyewitness, user groups and stakeholder support.


Action A.1: Improvement of the present tools and development of a more robust prototype.

Action A.2: Improvement of the of convective storms nowcasting skills.

Action A.3: Enhancing European-wide hazard identification through rescue reports and trusted spotter reports .