Task E


Demonstration of the platform in collaboration with Civil Protection agencies


Objective: The products developed in the framework of the EDHIT project will not be really used unless they canbe adapted to the real needs of their potential users: the meteorological forecasters and the Civil Protection end-users. In case of weather-related hazards it is crucial that forecasters and Civil Protection agencies can work seamlessly together to ensure an accurate hazard assessment with the best possible response time. An intensive real-time demonstration task will be developed taking into account the design of an adapted awareness protocol to ensure that the tools can fit the emergency protocols defined between Civil Protection institutions and their associated National Hydro-Meteorological Services.

As part of this demonstration, a Training School will be organized at the Lower Austria fire brigade training centre in Tulln (Austria) to present the platform to professional meteorological forecasters and other Civil Protection agencies experienced users. 


Task E.1: Development of an awareness protocol adapted to the interaction between NHMS and NCPs.

Task E.2: Real-time demonstration in collaboration with Civil Protection agencies.

Task E.3: Organisation of a European Training School.