Task D


Adapting the platform to complement the EFAS system


Objective: This Task aims at strengthening the complementarities between the EDHIT outputs and the EFAS system. To do this the visualisation of the EDHIT outputs will be redesigned to follow a common style with that of the EFAS forecasts and hydrological hazard identification. Additionally, an action will be carried out to increase the EDHIT-EFAS complementarity by blending the sources of rainfall inputs used in the two systems (respectively, rainfall nowcasts from OPERA radar mosaics and NWP forecasts obtained with the COSMO model) around the lead time of 6h.

Action D.1: Adapting the visualisation of the developed hazard identification to complement the EFAS system.

Action D.2: Blending short-term precipitation radar forecasts and NWP outputs.